Saleslogix Mobile, Safari, iOS and Your Sanity
Posted By: Alex.Cottner on July 15th, 2014 in General
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Today I troubleshooted a strange issue with Saleslogix mobile on iOS. Whenever the user would hit the back button in the mobile client, they would actually get returned to the previous website they were on rather than the previous form in the mobile. After a lot of head scratching, I discovered this was due to a single setting being enabled in Safari. If the “Show Favorites Bar” setting has been enabled in Safari, this unexpected behavior will happen.

Update: A discussion with a Saleslogix support rep revealed that this, as well as some other iOS problems, can be resolved by setting the default document to index-nocache.aspx.

My dialog is falling off the screen!
Posted By: nicocrm on July 9th, 2014 in Saleslogix
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If you use a dialog with very tall content, Saleslogix will automatically add scroll bars to it when it opens up. No problem there. The problem begins when you add content AFTER the dialog was initially opened – for example, if you have a grid with a filter condition that can add data. When the dialog is initially displayed, the height is detected as lower than the browser window’s height and left as “auto”. But once the grid is filled, the dialog is suddenly much taller! Dojo doesn’t know about it because that content gets added by ASP.NET so it does not resize itself appropriately and needs a little bit of a nudge.

This is what I used on my dialog’s page (this can run in the OnFormBound event):

ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript(this, GetType(), "ResizeDialog", @"    
    setTimeout(function() {
        var dlgWin = dijit.byId('DialogWorkspace_window');
    }, 1);   
", true);     

With that code, the dialog automatically resizes (with a scrollbar) and centers itself.