Make an editable grid refresh on email Drag & Drop – SalesLogix8
Posted By: Alex.Cottner on November 4th, 2013 in General
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I extended business rules for a customer to automatically create ticket activities when an emailed history record is associated with a ticket. This was done to mirror logic from their old LAN environment. However they pointed out that when they dragged & dropped an email onto a ticket the grid didn’t refresh automatically.

After investigating the NotesHistoryList I quickly discovered that I could inject this into my quickform without any hassle. The injection point here is the contextualCondition property of the editable grid.

this.onHistoryChanges = function (history) {
this.connections = [];
this.connections.push(dojo.subscribe('/entity/history/create', this, this.onHistoryChanges));
this.connections.push(dojo.subscribe('/entity/history/change', this, this.onHistoryChanges));

Now whenever a history record is added or an email is Dragged & Dropped in, the ticket activities grid will automagically refresh for the user (just like the Notes/History grids do).

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