Internet Explorer Settings for SalesLogix (For use with Windows Authentication)
Posted By: Marilyn.Prevatte on November 16th, 2012 in General, Saleslogix
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It is important that the SalesLogix website is added to the Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer. Note that your I.T. department may have already performed these steps.

  1. Please click on Tools > Internet Options > Security tab.
  2. Click on Trusted Sites.
  3. Click on the Sites button.
  4. In the box that says Add this website to the zone enter the URL of your SalesLogix website.
  5. Make sure the Require server verification (https: for all sites in this zone) checkbox is UNCHECKED.
  6. Click the Add button, then click Close and then click OK.


Adding Keyboard Input to Dojo Select Controls (
Posted By: Alex.Cottner on November 15th, 2012 in Dojo, General, Javascript
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I ran into a situation yesterday where I needed to extend the functionality of the control so it could have proper keyboard input. Power users want to be able to tab through their forms and use the keyboard to get work done quickly. The stock select control from dojo only allows for use with a mouse and some pretty basic keyboard input. To change this, I just needed to override a couple methods on my controls and setup a new property.

Here is an example creating a new select control.