Adding a Custom Filter to SalesLogix Site – 2/100 Pitfalls of using App Architect
Posted By: AdiRawat on May 4th, 2012 in Saleslogix, Tricks
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Continuing my series on 100 Pitfalls of Using Sage Application Architect , today we are going to cover how to land into a pitfall of creating a broken custom Filter in App architect and how to go about fixing it !

Creating a custom filter for Saleslogix in App Architect is pretty simple and straight forward

-Browse to the Entity in App Architect >> Drop Down Filters >> Right Click “New Filter” >> In the Property box Browse and Select the Field you need to create a filter against. (In this case we are trying to create a filter against the Opportunity Products “Family” type)

In regular scenario it seems like, we are done as new filter will show up in the Group List when the site is deployed, but if you test it further the Custom filter breaks for the Groups which has some sort of condition in it.
For instance the custom filter breaks in the “Open Opportunity Group” for this case (group where opportunity Type= “Open”)

The cause of the custom filter breaking; is the DataPath property which is automatically populated by the App Architect, if you notice the stock filters DataPath property is always set to blank ,  and this how it is supposed to be.

Thankfully we can fix this issue by manually editing the source file generated by App Architect (not as bad as it sounds like), to do so:

-Close the App Architect

Browse to the Entity Folder either in your Virtual File System explorer or the Local File System Explorer whichever you use ,  the path is (\Model\Entity Model\SalesLogix Application Entities\<entityname>)  

-open up the CustomFiltername.Filter.xml  , in the XML file you will see property like dataPath=”OpportunityProduct:Product:….” , delete this property and save the file .

-Now if you open up the App Architect and browse to you filter again the DataPath  property will be Blank ,Voila !

Now you must go ahead Rebuild and Deploy   your site .

But….. this not the end of the battle , there is one Caveat to this as soon as you edit the custom filter.xml file you wont be able to View/Use  the filter in your group list view unless you add the Filtered Field to the Layout.
That means whatever group you may need to use this filter for you will need to manually edit the group to include the property used for the custom filter.
Once the field for the filter is added to the Group layout, you to be should be able to View and make use of the filter.



Now you have successfully created a custom filter in Saleslogix !


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