Incorrect DateType for new Boolean Fields- 1/100 Pitfalls of using App Architect
Posted By: AdiRawat on February 7th, 2012 in Programming, Saleslogix, Tricks
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While using Sage Sales logix app architect for the past few months, I was compelled to start a series on the pitfalls that a sales logix developer runs into.

Lets start off with a classical pitfall of adding a new Boolean field to the saleslogix database and how the app architect interprets it as a incorrect datatype.

How to run into the pitfall #1:

-Create a new Boolean field in saleslogix administrator or Architect

Now if bind this field to a checkbox or a try saving it as boolean (true/false) value it will throw out an exception while running the application.

Here is how the type looks like by default for the boolean fields in App Architect.

-To fix this you would need open up your entity model in App Architect and change the data type of the field, now here is a pitfall in a pitfall the new data type needs to be NOT the Boolean neither Yes/No , you would need to go with True/False.


Hope this helps in solving one of many challenges, you would face while developing in App Architect.



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