How to make a SalesLogix Quickform control AutoPostback
Posted By: anoshwadia on October 19th, 2011 in General
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Before we dig deeper into the solution, lets understand….what is AutoPostback anyway?

Autopostback is the mechanism by which a page will be posted back to the web server automatically, based on events in the web controls. The page is then dynamically updated with results, without requiring a page reload for the update data to display. This is a very handy ASP.Net feature which makes web pages/forms work closer to how a regular windows based form would work.

A big limitation of SalesLogix Quickforms is that the controls on a quickform do not have an AutoPostback property. Unfortunately the RefreshForm property doesn’t cause an Autopostback either.

However there is a simple workaround to make a control autopostback.
1) Add a change action on the control that you want to have AutoPostback
2) Add a C# Snippet Action Item (Obsolete)
3) Put a comment in a C# snippet like this:

//Here is a dummy comment

4) Click OK twice
5) Now save your QuickForm
6) Build and Deploy
7) Your form will now get generated with the control having the AutoPostback property enabled.

Hope this helps…and hopefully Sage will provide us with this property by default in a future release!

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