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Posted By: nicocrm on March 22nd, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Just wanted to do a quick post to introduce the OpenSlx library I mentioned in the previous post about SimpleLookup. The library is available from GitHub at It is free to use in your own customizations, or you can rip code out of it and put it into your own stuff, though as it is placed under the GPL license there are a few limitations:

  • you can take the OpenSlx library, modify it, and redistribute it as part of a customization, without having to publish it (though you would have to make the source code available to the customer, at their request, which is the usual business model anyway). The same apply to ripping out code – you can rip the code and put it into your own customizations, without having to publish those (other than to the user of the code, i.e. the customer – this does not include the actual end users, either SalesLogix users, or their own customers accessing SalesLogix via customer portal)
  • you can take the OpenSlx library, unmodified, and include it as part of a proprietary component – you would have to make available any modification you make to OpenSlx, or any derived work (e.g. if you were to create a subclass), but other parts of your package would not be affected
  • you can’t take the OpenSlx library, add some controls to it (or fix some of the existing ones), and resell it as a proprietary component – this is the kind of change that I hope would be redistributed
  • you can’t rip some code from the OpenSlx library, and include it into your own, proprietary component which you resell as a software package – you have to leave the code separated. However you can rip some code, and include it into your own open source components – they will have to be released under the GPL as well, though

2010-06-27: I changed the license to Apache, so most of the restrictions above do not hold anymore, even though I still hope that you would contribute improvements back to OpenSlx. Without getting into details, this was the only practical way for me to be able to keep contributing to the code.

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