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This is going to be another quickie because I am in a hurry!

One of the most boring tasks when creating custom smart parts is setting up the lookups. There is next to no help from intellisense, so it takes a while to get right in the first place, but worse than that, if the user wants to add a column to a lookup you have to go through ALL the forms that have that lookup and add it by hand (this is actually a problem with QuickForms too, not just custom smart part). What a huge usability setback from the LAN client where they can just design their lookups in the Administrator.

In order to (partly) remedy that I created a component called “SimpleLookup” that runs through the Lookup table meta-data and populates the LookupProperties collection accordingly. So basically you create the lookup as:

<OpenSlx:SimpleLookup LookupName="ACCOUNT:ACCOUNT" 
   LookupEntityName="Account" ID="lueAssignDistributor"
   LookupBindingMode="String" AutoPostBack="true"
   LookupEntityTypeName="Sage.SalesLogix.Entities.Account, Sage.SalesLogix.Entities" 
   runat="server" />

The LookupName part is the important part – you can either put the Lookup Name (as defined in the lookup manager) or the search field (similar to how we used to reference lookups in the LAN client). Now when you want to add a column you can add it in the familiar lookup manager (though it is cached for efficiency so it may still not show up for a few minutes or until the application pool is recycled).

This SimpleLookup is part of a growing collection of components that I am able to make available as open source – it is available on GitHub at, along with a few other pieces like the SimplePicklist I blogged about before. Note that it won’t handle the more exotic lookup definitions (in particular any link used in the lookup must also be defined as a relationship in the Application Architect) so be sure to test the particular configuration.

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  1. Ryan FarleyNo Gravatar says:

    This is awesome Nick. I’ve never understood why they abandoned the use of the pre-defined lookups in the Lookup table and opted to have us define the lookups each time we use them. This will be much nicer.


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