Things to try with Windows 7 / Win 2008 R2
Posted By: nicocrm on June 5th, 2009 in Uncategorized
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I installed Windows 7 RC1 last week-end and so far it has much exceeded my expectations. While Vista had a “oh shiny… but nothing works?” feel to it, Windows 7 seems to be finally fulfilling all those promises (or some of them, anyway!). Lots of neat stuff coming out from MS lately, hope they can keep that up. I am almost considering replacing my Linux box with a Windows server (gasp) to get the document libraries to work correctly (Samba is OK for basic use but lacks the more advanced search features).

Beside a much polished UI and a few very nice usability improvements, here are a few things that I find interesting or will need to try on the more technical side:

  • Updated Virtual PC, now with USB support
  • Managed Services Account will allow password-less service accounts
  • VHD boot
  • Powershell 2.0
  • Search connectors
  • Multi touch? Maybe.

I still have not loaded it on my work machine, mind you – am not sure Saleslogix will like it too much.

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