IE8 “Define with Wiktionary” Accelerator
Posted By: nicocrm on April 26th, 2009 in Programming, Uncategorized
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This is an “unofficial” IE8 accelerator to get a definition of the highlighted word via Wiktionary. I like Wiktionary the best because it offers the definitions for all languages (I commonly need French, English and Spanish and would rather not have to click a separate link for each). At this time the accelerator just opens the window, does not show the preview, so it just saves me the time of having to alt-tab and paste. The preview is, of course, a bit more work (you have to condense the text to be able to fit in a 320×240 window), though it would be quite interesting to have.

The accelerators are very easy to define (for simple web services at least) – the documentation is at OpenService Accelerators Developer Guide.

To install, click the big button below (requires IE8, duh):

PS: almost forgot to link to the source! You have to use a little piece of Javascript to install it though – either check out the source from this page or the documentation from the MS site.

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