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Posted By: nicocrm on February 29th, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Yes, the blog has moved to WordPress. I finally needed something more extensible than Blogger.

Why WordPress, anyway

Yes, why a PHP based system, with all the .NET posts?

Two main reasons.

First of all, it is feature-rich, has loads of plugins, runs fast, and is relatively easy to customize.
Second, my main server is still on Linux, for various reasons. It is not a terribly powerful box so while I can run a VMWare with Win2k3 it has some performance issues.

I was for a moment tempted to pick one of the Django blog engines and customize it but I do have some more interesting projects to work on. Pick your battles wisely, and choose the best tool for the jobs, that’s what I said.

I am redirecting the domain and the feed is already on Feedburner so there shouldn’t be any change needed to the address.

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