Happy New Year
Posted By: nicocrm on January 7th, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Here are a few new year resolutions (on the technical side, anyway), just so I can laugh at them next year:

  • Learn Django – I need a breath of fresh air from the ASP.NET sometimes, I settled on Django after hesitating between that ASP.NET MVC (too close to home… I prefer something not running on .NET for a change), Ruby on Rails (bad experience with Ruby in the past… don’t ask), and a few more esoteric ones like Seaside or YAWS
  • Learn F#, or maybe Haskell? Something that is different enough from C# to give me a different perspective. I am worried that F# is probably still very close since it runs on the CLR but it might be hard to find a practical use for something like Haskell or Lisp
  • Learn more about the CLR – I picked up the book CLR via C# and intend to give it a thorough reading

Obviously SLX 7.2, ASP.NET and MS Ajax will have a place there too but that is pretty much a given even without a resolution!

On the non-technical side I would like to resolve NOT to adopt another dog this year but that might be a tough one (gee I hope not, 4 is more than enough!!)

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  1. Ryan Farley says:

    Happy new year, Nick. I’m sure we’ll see more great things from you this year :-)


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