One to one entities in Slx 72
Posted By: nicocrm on October 26th, 2007 in Saleslogix
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There isn’t any walk-through or “best practice” for displaying one-to-one entities in the Saleslogix 7.2 web forms so I thought I should share my experience.

One to one entities were until recently the best practice for adding custom fields to Saleslogix entities (eg Account). They are still a recommended practice in some cases. Here is the walk through on how to define a 1-to-1 entity named CabAccountMisc, linked to Account. The linked table name is CAB_ACCOUNT_MISC. The primary key is, of course, ACCOUNTID.

  • Create the new CabAccountMisc entity using the wizard.
  • Edit the entity and mark it as “Extension”. Select Account as the extended table (this will make Saleslogix generate the foreign key generator strategy in the HBM file, and automatically generate an Account property on the entity as well as a CabAccountMisc property on the Account).

Now you can add a control to the account form and bind it to CabAccountMisc.FooProperty. Very nice, and it actually all works “out of the box” – too bad there isn’t a FAQ on it! The key was to understand that SLX does not consider 1 to 1 relationships as “relationships” but instead as “extensions”. Weird, but it works, so I’ll take it!

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